Laboratorios Dr. Madaus & Co. SA is a phytopharmaceutical company founded in 1927

From its beginnings it was dedicated to the import and elaboration of natural products, being pioneer of this activity in South America. Today, after 80 years of uninterrupted trajectory, it is a modern company, recognized for its cutting edge products in natural medicine.

In the 60’s, Dr. Madaus Laboratories expanded its range of products with the incorporation of a dermocosmetic line, WHO. Its mission focuses on the creation of facial care products, body and hair, exclusive formulations based on natural components. This association, the result of an extensive research, allows OMS to offer you today soft and effective treatment products, of quality, and specific for each type of skin, of pleasant textures and rich in natural plant extracts, whose hypoallergenicity makes them suitable for skins More sensitive and delicate. Currently WHO aims to be a certified natural cosmetics, in tune with the global requirements within this category.

In 2003, after contacting researchers at the University of Arizona, Dr. Madaus Laboratories began a research and development process on the therapeutic benefits of Salvia Chia, currently recognized as the largest natural source of Omega 3.

Its wide potential for the treatment of various conditions leads to the development of Dermomega®, a line for the care of atopic and sensitive skin and in March 2006 the launch of Chiacaps®, the first Salvia Chia oil-based dietary supplement.

Today, Laboratorios Dr. Madaus & CO. SA continues to bet on the country by providing safe and effective therapeutic solutions, backed by more than eighty years of experience.