A simple answer to a complex problem
Excess consumption of saturated fatty acids and trans fats is considered to be one of the major current problems for heart health, with cardiovascular diseases being the leading cause of death worldwide.
How to prevent this?
Increased intake of Omega 3 helps control cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure, while exerting a protective effect on vascular homeostasis, preventing thrombi and stimulating vasodilation and anti-inflammatory responses.

Therapeutic action of Omega 3:

  • Natural reducer of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Preventive of acute myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accident (CVA).
  • Modulator of the inflammatory response.
  • Blood pressure regulator.

Cardioprotective Effects of Omega 3:

  • Reduction of ventricular arrhythmias (through EPA and DHA cardiac lipid enrichment).
  • Increased variability of heart rate (possibly increasing parasympathetic tone,
    altering levels of cytokines).
  • Antithrombotic effect and other actions on the hemostatic system (reduction of platelet reactivity, moderate increase in bleeding time, reduction of plasma viscosity).
  • Improvement of endothelial relaxation (nitric oxide-mediated vasodilatation).
    Decreased lipid levels (triglycerides and fasting VLDL, often accompanied by a moderate rise in HDL cholesterol and attenuation of the postprandial triglyceride response).
  • Inhibitory effect on atherosclerosis and inflammation (by inhibition of proliferation of smooth muscle cells, altered synthesis of eicosanoids, reduction of molecules that favor cell adhesion).
  • Reduction in the synthesis of inflammatory cytokines (interleukins, tumor necrosis factor and mitogens).


Free everyday
It frees the intestinal transit favoring a more frequent evacuation, easy and without discomforts.

More than 60% of high quality insoluble fibers that hydrate the faeces facilitating their elimination.
It does not produce cramps.
Prebiotic effect that balances the intestinal flora and helps protect the health of the colon, eliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms.
High carminative power (contains extract of mint and fennel) that relaxes the intestinal walls facilitating the elimination of gases and evacuation.

Chia Fibra

Natural balance
Due to its hypoglycemic effect, it slows the absorption of sugar and prevents attacks of hunger, producing a sensation of satiety and well-being.

Collaborates in the synthesis of ATP (by action of magnesium) favoring the conversion of glucose into energy.
Greater proportion of soluble fiber that slows the absorption of sugar and hinders that of harmful substances, dragging them for elimination.
It improves the absorption of nutrients, especially calcium.
By the antioxidant effect of Cranberry extract, it helps to raise HDL. This combined with the
LDL drag capacity of soluble fiber, effectively acts to regulate cholesterol levels.
Prebiotic effect (by action of inulin) that balances the intestinal flora protecting the health of the colon.


First line for skin care with Salvia Chia Omega 3 and Avena Sativa
The Dermomega line is a completely new concept in the treatment of dry skin, extrasic and other diseases with cutaneous manifestations that are expressed through dryness.

Specially designed to give immediate relief, it contains highly effective active ingredients. Its main component is Chia oil cold pressed with Omega 3. Natural source of ALA and GLA, essential for the health of cell membranes.

Chia oil penetrates quickly and in a deep form, enabling the retention of moisture and recovery of the beauty of the skin.

Features and Benefits:
Relieves dry and chapped skin in a few days.
Decreases fluid loss.
Helps in inflammatory processes.
Calms discomfort associated with pruritus, irritation, allergy and hypersensitivity.
Restores the protective barrier of the skin.
Indicated also in cases of atopic dermatitis, dry ronic skin, diabetes, psoriasis, eczemas.